Anand Education & Research Trust

Anand Education & Research Trust was established in 2007 as Public Trust for charitable purposes. The trust is registered with Devasthan Vibhag, Rajasthan with registration number 31 Jaipur 2007 dated 03 July 2007.

Main Objects of Trust:

The main objects of the trust are as follows:

  • To relentlessly work for the promotion of Higher and Technical Education for the students and to assist in the creation of proper atmosphere in the country and abroad for rendering useful and effective service to the community.
  • To promote and maintain academic excellence and seek to cater to the global needs to the field of expertise in education and to adhere to its commitment to impart meaningful education for the students.
  • To establish Educational Institutions including Higher, Technical, Engineering, Medical, Management and/or any other Education.
  • To engage in charitable activities of all kinds for the benefits of general masses without distinctions of caste, creed or religion.
  • To help the downtrodden and members of financially weaker segment of society.
  • To contribute to the social, cultural, moral and spiritual well-being and development of students irrespective of their race, colour, caste, creed, sex, religion and nationality.
  • To establish institution in order to promote a conductive environment for the development of an individual’s personality as professional and to provide highly skilled and technically trained manpower in emerging areas of technology which is globally competitive.
  • To interact and collaborate with other institutions and organizations within India and abroad to organize work of research and allied activities to promote and update knowledge for the cultural, spiritual, educational, intellectual and professional development of the students of India and abroad.
  • To encourage writers, poets, artists, journalists, professionals, technocrats and people with creative instincts to cooperate, develop and serve the society.
  • To provide the state of art infrastructure including buildings, machinery and equipments of latest technology to enable the faculty, staff and the students to inculcate necessary skills and import the required level of knowledge.
  • To establish books, magazines, periodicals, journals, write-ups and articles and to organize lectures, discussions, seminars, workshops, conferences and other similar activities to arouse and develop interest among the students for excellent educational values.
  • To impart technical education to cherish the Indian value system with focus on the Indian Culture, tradition and heritage, imbibing the best of the West at the same time to stand as strong competitors at the global level.
  • To award prizes, fellowships, stipends or incentives to researchers, educationalists, scholars, professionals and other deserving faculties engaged in the task of promotion of education and research.
  • To mobilize public opinion by organizing from time to time seminars, conferences, group discussions, lectures, meetings debates, study courses, exhibitions, shows tours etc. for achievement of a better educational order which would assign place of respect and honour to the Technical Education and Research and to make the Institution run by Trust a hub of academic excellence.

Ancillary Objects of the Trust:

The ancillary objects of the trust are as follows:

  • For the purpose of achieving objects of the Trust herein stated to collect and receive donations, subscriptions, bequest, grant-in-aid, other aid, assistance, fees in cash or in kind from the Central/State Government(s), Semi-Governmental authorities, public undertakings, banks, financial institutions, boards, public and private institutions, cooperative societies, trust, firms, companies, corporations, national or international agencies, non-relevant Indians in India or abroad.
  • To acquire, create, construct, purchase take on lease or on hire or by installments or in any other manner necessary equipments, instruments, land, buildings, plants, machineries, apparatuses and equipments etc. needed for the benefits of the Council.
  • To engage appropriate manpower on remuneration or otherwise for running activities of the Trust.
  • To do all such other things and acts as may be incidental and conductive to and in furtherance of the attainment of the above objectives.